May 26, 2010

Finally week5 had just past,,,
now comes to week6...

Week6 shall be, whereby, all projects, presentation, tests criteria suddenly 'pops' out from no where...
So here's a whole list of what's happenin for this week which is week6...

digital electronics

  • Was told that week7/8 or both, there will be a lab quiz&test.

  • c# = prinicple of computing (POC)

  • Project topic for various groups.
  • & my group got LabBooking which we have to hand in the structure chart & pseudocode/IPO table by week7/8.

  • Web Design
  • Group design/presentation is up & we have to do a web page or something that's similar by week15/16 which is the end of semseter.

  • Tues
  • week7 have logic test

  • photography
  • all i can say is that this module is a torturin module

  • right now my group is not located in the 'save zone' as we have not present yet

  • EPS
  • presentation topic, we've chosen to do research on Venice

  • Basically,that's all...

    & on mon(24/5)
    is Kamini's b'dae.
    We've planned a surprise celebration for & the cake, Black Forest, is bought from Icing Room which is famous for customising your own, unqiue cake(:
    Shiming, Julianah &me gave Kamini a phone chain as her prsesnt(:

    Here's an update on b'daes...
    Happy 18th Birthday to Kenneth
    Happy 20th Birthday to Desmond
    Happy 17th Brithday to Edwin
    Happy 18th Birthday to Kamini
    Happy 18th Birthday to Wendy,primary school

    I remember there's more...
    But this is all i can recall xP

    Better slot my time properin so that i can touch up on a few on my projects/presentations (:

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