May 18, 2010

These pics are supposed to be uploaded a few weeks ago
but i don have a chance to plug the usb cable into my lappy.
here they are.
A bag tag by mel(:
She bought it in Mickey shop in T1, Tampines.
Not sure this present is supposed to be for this year or next...
For photography,,,
its a "SAVE" time.
As, due to time constrain, teacher so-called 'delay' the presention to the next lesson which is next week.
But, still we got 'scolded' by her as we're not able to send her out presentation work during class
as we have not done our individual photoshoots.

Here are two pictures which i took using camera phone.
Did turn on the flash for both shoots (:

In yellow function (not use what's that word, starts with s)

In black&white function

Have a view & you could give me a few comments too (:

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