Apr 30, 2007


Thought can pass mine chi..but righi nw..hmmmmmm.i don thin i can make it anymore..
E comprehension mine chi cher set izz hard lolx..but..e hardest part was passage 2 e writin out e comprehension one..nt passage 1 e numbers one...
Wa...thn e passage 2 was so straight forward lol e main points..
E main points 2 e ans izz 'money..can buy buy lots of tingz..includin our own tyme..!!!!!!!!!!
But e paper 1 izz nt tt hard la..but paper 2 dame dame dame dame dame dame dame dame hard lol..
Well.anyway.im nt comin ere 2 tok bout mine CL papers..but tokin bout him again..
Juz nw durin break tyme when gettin reali 4 paper 2..diana,sabrina.an ting & mi r on e way bak 2 an ting's class<@ e 2nd floor> thn we saw someting cuttin along our way..it was actually him lolx..wa lao thn when we saw him diana they all say 'ai..hu izz tt arh..oi it'z minghui's honey..noi wonder look so akin 2 us..we better don disturb them la hor...'

Thn an ting went bak 2 her class thn we walk 2 our own class.. After tt..mi.diana.sabrina & ain playin 2gether wif dini's ruler thn after tt diana shouted..'oi..'r'..minghui gt smth wan tel yu!!'

Thn both of us don wan look @ each other thn after he reply bak..'wat bout yu,diana..wan mi go cal alastair up??'thn diana say..'tt doesnt matter la e most impt ting izz she wan tel yu smth which izz S.L.Y...' @ 1st he don under thn sabrina go whisper 2 him thn he under..@ 1st itizz nt wad i reali wan 2 tel him but after he msg say..did they juz jokin or real..thn i don reply..thn i msg again..actually i oso I/L/Y..i @ 1st don believe thn he msg again & r last tyme..'jus JOKIN..hehex..'
Peww..i juz ave a close shock but luckly he didnt take it sreiously..
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