May 16, 2010

From this week onwards,
it would be a terrible & tough week.
As its 'class test & presentation' week...

'Week5, im gonna hate you !'
*Opps xP

Anyway, Monday will be free...
Tuesday will photography presentation on both group work & individual work.
But the best thing is that i have not started on any @ ALL...
Next right (x

  1. We have not found our 'master' photographer

  2. I have not taken my port-folio photo

  3. We have not started on our presentation work

  4. & of course, we have even discuss anything related to our photography project work

very pathetic right ???
Cant believe my group is so damn lazy uncooperative.
What to do...
When ever we went into the class,
its like 'its the end of the world' days...
(Even though its just an hour lesson)

Wednesday have makeup lesson for com. skills as week6 friday is Vesak Day which is a public hoilday.
So lesson for the day is from 9am - 1pm.
& will be handin in our script for com. skills role-play.
For com. skill lesson will be writin Proposal...
& our tutor said that for the next ICA,
we will have to write a 8-page full proposal. (*WA)

Thursday will be our cMath test 2 & its on sets theroy...
Hope that i can pass for that when i cant seems to do well in this topic xP

Friday will be database ICA 1 which is equal to class test 1.
& the whole class , except for a handful, dont even listen durin lecture
& also dont know anything even if we're "Attentive" durin practical class...
So its like no hope for my class xP
& also, we will have our role-play for com. skills on Conflict Management & Interpesonal Communication...

That's for week5 schedule...
But i think for Tuesday & Friday...
will be in a mess.

Wish me luck (=

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