May 9, 2010

Forgot to post something...
Happy 18th Birthday Teddy B3Ar (:

Just finish doing my Web Design & some are a bit difficult to do...
Especially the CSS text.
But managed to finish it thanks to Desmond (:
& Edwin too.

Next is c# = Priniciple of Computing.
We has to do the quiz1
& we're given 3 attempts to do it.
But for both 1st&2nd attempts,
i've got 60%.

So probably after asking my friend tomorrow,
maybe the last & finale attempt i can score more than 70%.
(cant aim that high like 100%,
as i may get 70% is a good score but 75% & above is the best [= )

Seems like my preivous post on the "Weekly Giveaway"
doesnt have a good respone...
So i think,,
better don open a post for it...

But i really like to share some of the Laneige samples with all the ladies/girls out there (:

That's all,,,
just a short post (:

nothing's prefect for me
i wanna share it to all
but everyone doesnt seems to like "it"...
hope that more people can recognise me
through bloggin!
recognise me for givin out the samples
& the product be popular among teens or OL out there (:

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