May 5, 2010

Randomly came over to Xiaxue's blog
& this so-called qoute,,,attracts my attention when i just scroll the page down
as there's too much photos to view...

This is the quote,
from her blog

    Adidas Action 3 Groominh Tips:
  • Always use deodorant!

  • Girls love men who smells good!

  • Deodorant comes in many forms including liquid, invisible solid, and spray.
    Spray is the most effective ones!

  • P1 Blogging Tips:
  • Update regularly.

  • Be shameless.

  • Post as many photos as possible.

After looki @ this,,,
i was thinkin "is that how most of the bloggers got famous from the internet& 'real life' ???"
That's what im thinking...
& maybe they got famous due to thier experience on some particular things or even share thier makeup tips via bloggin or youtube...
If you're askin 'what's P1 ???'
I think is some knid of campany in Malaysia...
as there's a program called Project Alpha...
You can source through thier web

This shall be a short post,,,
as im currently crackin my head to finish up my c# homework...

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