Oct 2, 2010

Been helping out with an annual event,
the Silver Infocomm Day 2010
which is an annual event to help the older people to have a better understanding on how to use the computer & the internet.

On my 1st day of work,
(actually im only working for 1 day)
(& its a volunteer work, no pay is given)
reach school @ 7.40am, late, actual reproting time is 7.30am
but waiting for irwan in the train station.
Edwin damn pro,
take cab to school, as he woke up late xP

So, only me, wenting, liangyi, edwin & irwan 'being nominated' by Mr Sum,
to volunteer for this annual event.
In the morning,
our role is as usher, while, in the afternoon,
we're the cyberguiders which is to guide the elderly how to use the computer & etc.

i finally know how hard to be a sales person,
as its damn tiring to stand the whole day telling people where to go
or answer to their doubts.
But actually, i didnt regret on taking this volunteer job.
Looking at all the puzzled & full of learning spirit elderly walking up&down, here&there
makes me feel happy & full of energy ushering them.

If you want me to describe how the elderly are.
One word to describe,
For the entire day,
me & liangyi keep saying them 'so cute'
hunderds & millions time.

As they arent familiar with NYP's campus location.
Thus we have got to tell them a few time.
Like 'walk up & turn right', 'turn left for registration' & etc.
Really, they are so CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTTE!!!!!!!!!!

That's all.
Thanks to all those elderly who are in the Basic Computer & Internet class of L425(:
Love all of you.
& thanks to all of you & my friends as well(:

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