Oct 14, 2010

Went out with the class, yesterday,
to Marina Barrage for my first ever picnic(:
Met up @ 12pm,
but was late for 10mins.

Spot edwin, hanny & shiming @ the train station.
Reach Marina Bay station & wenting&desmond were there, waiting for everyone.
After which were the 4-guys, but mingqian wanst with them.

Walked all the way to the bus-stop & waited for the shuttle bus
which we'd all waited for about 15plus mins.

Played the Monopoly card game.
When some of them fly the kite,
which was hanny's kite.

when kenneth arrived,
it was lunch time(:
Wenting ordered beehoon (which is nice(x) nuggets, momosa ??? & spicy hotdogs.
After which me & wenting went over to the bus-stop to fetch lennie,
who walked all the way to Marina Bay Sands,
& took a detour back to Marina Barrage.
Bought a few cold drinks & ice-cream,
& held down to the water plaground.

Its freezing cold,
but fun as the weather was a bit warm,
during the afternoon period.

All thanks to wenting, my back was almost drenched/wet.
the 2nd round was with shiming,
as there's nothing to do when the guys were playing Black Jack.
Followed by wenting, hanny & lennie,
where they waited to buy ice-cream & drinks, again.
After which,
the 4 'gangsters' arrive, (when they were walking towards us, their movement look like a gang of gangsters)
& we started playing.
By kicking & splashing at one another.
Shiming & edwin never stoped running & chasing one another (x

shiming, edwin, me & desmond & irwan were drenched, (desmond & irwan were ok, just on their face)
edwin's face was soaked with water, as he, somehow, dare wenting to pour water...

& i spotted a total of 4 couples taking their wedding shoots.
2 in the afternoon,
1 in the early evening
& 1 in the early night.

The picnic day ended with a few photoshoots & a game of frisbee.
Which is me, desmond,irwan, shiming & edwin a team,
competing with aaron, ppo, haiqal, wenting & hanny.
The game ended with a 6-all score(:

Here are some of the photos i took(:
the rest are with hanny&wenting as they took their cameras to take all the shoots.

Any difference ???

The night scenes

My favourite MasterPiece (:

Spot the 2 couples ???

A plastic of rubbish full of AnTs!!!

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