Nov 1, 2007

Today happen a lot of tingz!!!!
Juz nw went to Giant-Tampines as gt eng project to do!!!!!
Thn after tt went to find yong ding & others as when we say wan go Giant together,,,, mi,steph & elaine went to take a cab thn yong ding get pissed off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But we manage to find him & others @ Bedok inter. xS
When we reach 'Sheng Siong' steph suddenly screamed loudly,,,,
as she say e prawn suddenly jumped out fr e 'container' & fell onto e ground!!!!!!!!
But steph still thought e prawn is dead but it still can move about slowly & lifely xP
So scared tt when i saw e prawn,,,,,it was so poor ting lolx!!!!
But anyway,,,,today i ave a great day wif steph & otherzzzz XD

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