May 7, 2009

Its such a long time since i last posted.

Sry bout it,
recently busy wif exams & lots of schwork as well
as preparin for o lvl (x

CONGRATES to Mr lim new born daughter.
Her name is called jolin.
cute rite.
chi name is lim yi xin.
& did saw e photos taken by mr lim himself.
via his phone wallpaper.

Dame cute.
Thin cn 'fight' wif my didi xP

Exam endin soon...
& im left wif sci paper1.
which is tmr.

E whole class have mistake how 'easy' both math paper2 & phy paper2 r...
dame difficult to do.
Thin there might b less dist. in e class.
& mr lim might b worryin bout us,
as...our phy...
hahax, *sigh.....

times pass,
like e wind.
but memories of us bein tgt seems to b like its happenin ytd...
i thin im gettin insane...
im e one hu asked,
but in e end,
im one hu regretted e most...
i've tried all kinds of ways to forget,
bur e result,
thin of bein back.
but thinkin bout how diffcult we cn meet up,
makes mi lose hope immediately.

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