Sep 27, 2010

Yesterday was my mum & qin's dad's birthday.
you may be asking yourself some questions.
both of them are of the same age.
they are 龙凤胎 which means twins as in a boy & a girl twin.
But they don't look alike nor are they identical in terms of looks & personality ???!!!

Here's a few photos i took, yesterday @ ahma,
my grand's place.

The Birthday Woman

The main focus of the day (:
Mango Fruit Cake

My brother & my ahma(:

Group photos

Here's a list of the September babies(:
Caisheng - Sep1
Me - Sep16
Qin's mum - Sep23
Wongyin's parents - Sep24 & 25(dad & mum, respectively)
My mum & qin's dad - Sep26(both)

Happy Birthday to all September babies
& next up
is October babies
which includes qin, shuang's dad & 四姨 aka loveyou

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