Sep 12, 2010

Even since tuesday,
which is the last day for my last, final paper,
have been using my lappy...

I have been planning to revise back my poa & maths,
which im going to take my o level in less than 2 months time,,,
but instead, im NOT...

HOW ?????
Ohh My Goddess...
(since, like my dad says, our family believe in guang ying, so cannot say 'Oh My "GOD"' xP)

But, a good thing is,
i have bought his present
So, its done,,,
@ least i managed to finishes this task which does not really bothered me xP
but, its important!!!!
Now, left with mine...
So, in total, he owed me $80 which is the same as 4years (including this year)
So, i guess, you guys should be super 'smart' in maths,
i doubt you wouldnt know how much per year xP


Skipping that topic,
but to the major ones...

But @ least i started trying out a few math paper.
Cant believe, in the past, im struck in qn6/8,
but now, im struck in the very FIRST qn...
Can you believe it,,,
THE FIRST QN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not sure how am i going to survive
if i dont start revising right now...
Need something or someone to 'motivate' me to revise,
or else, i'll be turning on my lappy everyday
& wont even touch any piece of math/poa to revise & refresh my memory...


Probably will update what i've did for this week,
after tuesday,
cause have been to a lot of places & did a few things which have not been done for quite a time with the family...

SO, Stay Tune (=

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