Aug 31, 2010

For the past one week, ending till today,
have been eating out,
either breakfast, lunch, tea-break or dinner...

(think gonna gain a few kilos *sigh)

Anyway, today is my first SEM paper after studyin in ploy for 5mths
&, its one of my favourite subject, CMath

Lets start from early this morning,
@ around 4, i was woken up by a painful feeling on my tummy,
&, you know, most people will think its to do 'big business', so do i...
But, its not.
& thought is mens cramp, but also not...
So, have been enduring the pain for the entire morning...

When i woke up @ 7, my mum woke me up...
But i dragged to 7.06am,
walked towards the bathroom,
do my usual routine...
Include 'brushing' my retainers, which is a 'upgrade level' for braces xP (kidding)
its for restoring & fixed the actual & finalised teeth adjustment.

Okie, after which,
my mum turns,
i lay on the computer table & started feeling cold,
even have cold sweats on my fore head & arms...
Super shocked & dont dare to tell my parents about it
unitl when we're leaving home
(my dad fetching me Toa Payoh Station)
i asked my mum to help me look for pain killer

So,,, yeah,,,
she knew, cause have to told her the reason before retrieving my pain killer.

So, on the way to Toa Payoh Station
studyin studyin studyin studyin...
As i dont wanna miss any precious moments, time to double revised & memoriesd every steps & skills...
the same, revised revised studied studied...
Messaged shiming, ask when is she reachig school...

Didnt expect her to reach school @ 7.30am
That's the time im still dressing up for school...
Saw clinton, desmond, edwin & kenneth (didn expect, really)

Finally, after exam,,,
ohh,, & this is a damn different kind of feeling in the exam hall...
Even though its the same, in the hall, (whatever hall it is)
its split into 3 zones.
& the surrounding&feeling seriously, its very different from sceondary major exam
beside all those coughin, sniffing & writing sounds (which is always there, not sure why)
Its been enclosed with some barriers.
Seriously, felt strange when i walked in to the Sports Hall.

After the exam,
discussion time...
Think must have lost a total of 28marks ): ): ): ): ): ): ): ):
Went over to Marina Square for lunch
Ate Pizza Hut, its been a some time since i lasted step in...
Have ordered Curry Zazzle, Student Set - consists of Soup Of The Day(Creamy Mushroom Soup), Free flow Pepsi & your choice of main course.
It cost $8.90
But usual student price is $7.90 - only for pizza
the rest like baked rice, pasta & etc is $8.90 or another price.
There's 4 different prices inclunding the usual $7.90

Went to have lunch desmond, edwin, shiming, viona & amanda
Clinton went back to his Secondary School as yesterday was Teacher's Day Eve.

Last Saturday, went to The SeaFood International Restaurant in Big Splash, ECP
The dishes, which we have ordered, were superb.

Will just let all the dishes which i took to explain how 'unqiue' they are (x

Above, are the 12dishes which you could only ordered once.

Heard that this dish had been recommended on TV before...

I like their chopsticks, especially the wordings (=

That's all...
Now, its time for some database 'Training'...

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