Aug 26, 2010

Today ends the GCE O level EL Oral Examintaion
& also,
marks the end of the 1st ever inaugural Youth Olympic Games 2010.

Speaking about O Level Oral,
a lot may be thinking: 'Hmm,,, what might be the topic for oral today ?' (before the oral exam starts)
I have heard a lot saying that its more on 'discussing&suggesting' about teenagers, nowadays
So, i read a lot about teenagers.
Like - marriage (is it alright for young people to get married ?)
- generation gap (which is quite common, i guess)
- behaviour (nowadays, are teenagers getting more rebellious ?)
- school uniform (Does wearing uniform gives students a sense of identity ?)
These are a few suggestions which i've read through for preparaiton (spent 2 days for it xD)

all those preparation just flowed down to the drain within a flash of seconds.
Turns out,
its not on teenagers but
its about older generation
(i think it should be more on generation gap)

The picture discussion part, is there's 2 elderly people (both grandfather & grandmother)
& 2 'aunties' in thier 40s (i think cause they look to mean like that age group)
4 of them are playing a game of Maths.
Its like matching number kind of games
& also, contiunous number (4,5,6 in a group)
Ohh,, & it have to be in groups of 3 (forgot to say the most important part xP)

Basically that's all,
cause going to rush to watch the Colsing Ceremory of YOG.

Bye Guys (=

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