Aug 20, 2010

Study, Studied, Studying, Studies...
Revise, Revised, Revising, Revises...

Currently, the above words are what i am doing for the past few days
after JYOG ended.
Yesterday, went back to school to revise CMath with friends.
Friends -> desmond, wenting, edwin, clicton, irwan, hanny, shiming, amanda, viona & ppo.
But after we 'transfer' over from DR to RC,
shiming went back home.
Some stated that she's havin a fever,
thus went back first.

From 2pm,
we studied till 6pm.
Not bad right ???

But did a few chats along the way,
like offering jobs, cracking jokes on edwin again (about shiming)
& saying about braces & retainer...

Manage to got a job by desmond.
To work in SMU for 3days.
I guess, the job may be very simple
as, what else can you do in SMU if you're not studying in SMU.
Beside the cleaner job, of course

have another job to work in NATAS Fair,
by viona.
But, her friend had already gotten enough people,
so that's out of considerations.
I think im gonna get crazy for studying.

Cause, im not only studying for Sem papers
but also for O level.
I retake English, Math & POA.
I know you may think i must be crazy to retake three
but, all because of 1 aim. 1 goal. (sounds dramatic)
that's why i choose to retake 3 (or else i just ignore POA)

My aim/goal is to get in to a Science course in either SP or NYP.
(im currently studying in NYP)
So, that's it...

Hope all my poly friends & cousins can get good marks for their various modules
& get a good GPA score (:

Happy belated Birthday to ruirui, my toddler brother (19/8)
Happy belated Birthday to Edwin Yeo(18/8)
Happy belated Birthday to Nazurah (17/8)
Happy belated Birthday to Chengyang (15/8)
Happy belated Birthday to Shabeer (14/8)

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