Aug 6, 2013

Thousand Apologizes!

Hi readers,
I'm absolutely sorry for not posting anything for the past 1 month.

Here's a little 'insides' for the past 1 month (hehe.)
    - School started back on the 8th of July and lasted all the way to the 20th
YES, I do have lesson on Saturday which seems IS rather TYPICAL for university students (right?).
    - In between my actual lecture, I have a 2weeks 'break'
which seems rather nonsense and redundant to me.
    - Went back to work in np for the final 'stock taking' for graduation
Only went back for a week, it does seems ridiculous to some but at least I get to earn A WEEK'S OF POCKET MONEY since expenses have been a-pain-in-the-ass since I graduated from NYP.

I guess, mainly that's all I did for the past month.
Seems boring and lifeless right?!

Well, what else can I do beside all the usual routine I had on lesson days?!
Any suggestion care to share with me?!
I welcome any suggestion from all walks of life
whether was it
  • food-tasting (been craving for dim-sum and Korean cuisine [buffet too (haha)])
  • scenic places in Singapore (been tempted to visit Punggol Waterway)


    Serious speaking, I do have a few posts which I've wanted to share with all
    But, time forbids. (typical excuses xP haha)

    Here's a list of posts you can expect:
      - Restaurant review located at Sunset Way (you can google where it is)
      - Advertorial (finally after alien months)

    Do stick/glued your eyes on my blog for the EXcitement.

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