Dec 18, 2010

Finally my blog is 'opened' to the public
& not 'private' anymore.
Reason being school has been quite 'tough'
with lots of projects to do.

Woke up early today
to make breakfast for the family.
excludin my toddler brother as he eats anything which others are consuming on.

Have made my very own chichken sandwich cum burger(:
It looks like this...

Here are the ingredients:




& the most important ingredient is the Tempura Chicken
which i bought from Giant, yesterday.
I didnt have the picture as im lazy to take it out from the freezer again xP

Here's the planning for my term break, besides meeting up for project.
- Outing with mel
- Outing with the class
- Christmas party
- New Year's Eve party
- Dagu's birthday celebration

I think, that's all...
For th time being xP

Got to go,
am meeting my xiaogu to shop in Orchard as there's a Mango Sale(x

See you in my next post(:

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