Dec 26, 2010

Yesterday marks the Christmas Celebration for our family.
Actually, we're not supposed to
but we make it as though we're not celebrating
instead, take it as a family gathering (x

Went over to dapang gugu's place for the 'gathering'
& i was the first to 'report' to the veune among the 4ofus
which is me, shuang(who is currently oversea), ahjie & qin xD

I reached there probably around 2 which is the earliest time of all
as, every 'gathering', mostly i will reach at about 5plus to 6
So i will take it that its the ealriest time for this year xP

Ohh,,, jiayu jiejie had given dapang gugu the "SURPRISE" present from all the kids(& teens & children) in the family.
A total of 14 of us.
Want to know "our" names ?????
*eyebrows goin up & down

You got the "PERMISSION" from ME xD

Will be numbering down from age.
- Jiayu jiejie
- Ahjie (huiting)
- Me (minghui)
- Qinn (huiqin)
- Shuang (minshuang)
- Ahpig (minghua)
- Weiwei (hanwei)
- Laohu tan (mingzhen)
- Xiao lao bao (ziying)
- Honghong (hongying)
- Ahying (wanying)
- Caisheng
- Kaiwen
- Ruirui (zhirui)

Im not the eldest xP
Envious ???
A lot of cousins right ???
Well, actually there's 3 more.
Just that its not included in the present that we gave to dapang gugu
There are:
- Jiaming korkor
- Kexin jiejie
- Kaihao

So, if you out 'all of us' together,
the position should be: (in short form)
(If you're wonderin, i've delete the orderin)
(if you've seen it, good for yu,
if you've not, make a guess (: )

17 of us(:
Im proud of having so many cousins
As we can share joy&laugther together.
As a family(x

You guys got to wait for jiayu jiejie to upload photos for the present.
So, will upload soon(:

Happy Boxing Day, Everyone(x

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