Dec 30, 2010

Here's the post that sums up what we did in Sentosa.
After we got off the tram, where we alighted at the 4th which is the last station,
the place seems rather new to me.
If i've not forgotten, the last time i've been to Sentosa was like 10years back ?!?!
So, im like a 'new born kid' who just step onto the world of 'Sentosa'.
Im so excited that i immediately asked desmond to 'surrender' his phone,
which is a BRAND NEW PHONE [X

Do you know why i asked him to 'surrender',
as i super fall in love with the camera after using for the first time xP
Its a Sony Ericsson X10 (Xperia 10).

Coming back to Sentosa,
Clinton & the guys were discussing whether are we going to Siloso Beach or Palawan Beach.
Due to the closure of Siloso Beach for tomorrow's New Year CountDown Party.
But we still 'use our time' by walking to Siloso Beach.
Seriously, my 'new birn kid' mood is back again (X
I start taking a few shots of the entire place we've been.
Here's the pictures:

The tram & the station indicated on the top.

The Cruise which i took on the tram.

The veune for tomorrow's CountDown Party.

Top 10 TIPS for Beach

I know not a lot.
But, seriously you have to experience it yourself.
Its gonna be super FUN!!!

Have going all the way to the end,
it really is close for tomorrow's event.
Thus we head back, boarding the free shutter bus which is going from the Tram station to the Hotel, i guess, which is next to Siloso Beach.

After which, we went to find the shutter bus to Palawan Beach.

Our shutter bus was kinda 'cute'.
As the design was a bit like SMRT bus,
instead with a cover on the top, its open & its like Hippo Bus if you go all the way to the 2nd floor.
I didnt take the picture of the shutter bus.
& we took snap shots too (;

Me & wenting

The Bachelors'
Edwin, Desmond & Lennie

Wenting, Clinton, Edwin, Desmond & Lennie

As usual, we took all the way as we try to look for a space which does not have lots of people being occupied.
&, mosy importantly, NO DOGS AS I HAVE A PHOBIA TO DOGS!!!

Once we have found the PREFECT SPOT,
we settled down, edwin&wenting warm up by playin the volleyball.
While desmond played with clinton's kite.

After which a match of frizbee.
All thanks to the hot blazing sun,
it makes tha sand super hot, making us feel like we're walking on a 'boiling sand' & not 'cooling sand'
I kept telling myself, 'its not hot, its not burning off my foot.'
I think i might have repeat it for about 5/6times.
After which, i gave up & ran to the shelter where we placed our belongings.

Here's the picture when we're bored due to the blazing sun
& also them warming up:

Clinton's stingray kite

R.I.P Clinton's right feet )'x

Too much programming stuff.

Around 4plus,
the sky became 'unfriendly' to us.

& we started packing.
Pack, Packing, Packed...

Water droplets fell down from the sky.
& we hurried up & rushed to the nearest beach-stop (bus-stop) station.

Took while waiting for the shuttle bus to arrive

We waited for about 2 - 3shutter buses
& we finally boarded the 3rd bus.
Wenting, clinton, lennie & me went to front seat which, just nice, there's 2 people alighting
& we squeezed in.
Desmond&edwin went to the back which is the tram that we board to go to Palawan Beach

When we reach the tram station,
my legs were numb as i sat on wenting's left leg & clinton's right leg
but, instead of sitting with all my weight, i used my legs to withstand my weight.
Thus, its like im doin 马步
Im not the one who's the-poor-thing-person.
Its desmond.
He got a free shower as in between rides, something happen
thus he got a free shower.

This is the skyline which i took while waiting for the tram to arrive.

Head back to Vivo
& its still slightly early before meetin xiaogu/
We head over to Toys R Us
Seriously, all our childhood came backt to life while we're 'window-shopping' in Toys R Us xD

Here's 2 picture which i took while going back to vivo
(as im bored xP )

& ends off with a few sentence:
Happy New Year to everyone,
in a few hours time, it will be 31Dec (:

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