Oct 20, 2009

From Friday till Monday,
Have been going to study like a nutter....

end school @ 3pm.
Met up with xiao ping & chat with her till 5plus
Called fk&him whether wanna come out together for dinner.
fk accepted,
tt idiot 'scold' xiao ping & replied no.

Went IKEA as xiao ping wanna purchase a inflate pillow,
Dinner @ COURTS.
Chat till 10plus & went home by my dad's car as he came over to GIANT.
xiao ping&fk bus-ed home.

Studied with peng&joyce @ T2 Mac
Studied till 3plus & walk around the terminal.
Took a few photos,by joyce.
Thn 'train-ed' over to T3 on the way,
peng was mesmerized by a foreign who is about 1.9m tall...
should have taken a photo of his face.

Bought a few sweets @ Candy Empire.
i took a long time to finish up 1 gummy bear,& when i've finished chewing,
think joyce was chewing on her 2nd/3rd one.
Reached home @ 4plus.

Sunday,a pathetic&unbearable day.
Was supposed to meet him @ 12pm,
but instead,his still asleep.
Luckily,fk companied me till 1.30pm as he had church service.
Had lunch with xiao gu.
Studied on my own till 5pm.
When i went over to Borders' to read a few mag & romance book by Little Black Dress.
Waited for fk till he arrived @ 6pm.
Called him to verify if his still asleep.
Answer: No.
Asked him to come down to Parkway Parade for dinner.
Had dinner @ Fish&Co.
Something happened while waiting for him when fk was on the phone with him...
That's funny xP
Before leaving @ 9pm,
had the most arduous time.

Studied with jiaxin,peng,joyce,jiangbin & samuel.
Studied @ ljs.
2plus,saw weishen.
Studied till 3.30pm & went over to Tamp Safra,as all wanna play pool.
Except for me&joyce (:

While they are playing,i continued studying @ the reading room.
Listen to YES93.3 & came across a breaking/romance songs & i cried.
Studied till 6pm.
Went over to see how are their progress.
Saw alvin&zhaosing.
@ 7plus,kaijie arrived & we played till 9.10++
Dinner @ bedok inter hawker centre.
Reached home @ 10.30pm.

Can't believe i actually used up my holiday to study till 10plus,round up,11pm.
Seriously,im crazy.
But its good that im actually like a very hardworking girl.
Since last year,preparing for N level & my hardwork did pay off (:

Need to go back to study for tomorrow's O level Science Practical Exam.

Wish all of those who are taking the paper,tomorrow,
All the best & do not stress yourself too much (x

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