Oct 2, 2009

Just came back from TM after watching 'Fame'.
The movie was absolutely wonderful.
I like the choreography,it is amazing.

This is a viewer's review on this movie:
'Choreography is amazing, there I admit it. Unfortunately, Fame is no more than a performing arts drama. Unlike Step Up, Fame is more about the ups and downs of being in a performing arts academy. It's all more about the coming of age story, about friendships, love, heart-break and how to achieve your dreams when the others don't want you to do so. Although Fame's idea is very bright, it's a very tough sell nowadays. This was made worse by the fact that Fame doesn't have a single central character therefore none of the stories in the movie are deep enough for the audience to involve themselves into the movie. Moreover, the stories are jumping from one to another, creating a jumpin' jellyfish sensation that makes you... bored. Fame is no more than an average performing arts drama. But if you want to see a choreography different than Step Up, go watch this one.'

I would say that this movie is a 'must-see' for those who like the performing arts.
I'm going to rate the movie 4/5.
There's a few parts,whereby its that neccessary.
But the finale has saved the entire movie.

You chould watch it (=

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