Oct 1, 2011

Back From Malaysia

As stated,

Currently im still consolidating all the pictures
before sharing with you my trip to Malacca or Malacaa
Im here to blog about my workplace, The Wholesale Shop @ City Plaza.
Not like im here to sell or advertise for them
but, to tell you the truth, actually im really taking my small little corner
to help sell off as much stuff as possible(:

NOTE: The following items im about to show are left with one stock or otherwise

This very first post for The Wholesale Shop is
Accessories - Belts

The first belt im gonna introduced is a ribbon belt

Reason i like this is because of the ribbon
its attached at the front of the belt

Here's a shot i took wearin the belt

I know its too far for you to see the design of the belt due to the lighting
but, out of all, i prefer this belt.

Due to its pattern on the belt frame,
you can use it as either a waist belt of a normal belt.

Ohh & it comes in 2 colors,
black and brown
There's roughly about 5stocks each for both colors.

The second belt is a heart print belt.
It comes in 2 colors - brown & red(4stocks)

One of the The Blog Shop owner, Jacqueline wore before
i forgot to took at shot of the photo which is pasted on the store.

Next is a cross-over belt (not sure what its called, i anyway state a name that suits the pattern or design xP)
It comes in black & brown, there's about 3 stocks each for both colors.

This is how it looks like when you wear it

Left is black, right is brown

Next is the white&black belt (white is because of the pattern at the side)

It only have 1 pattern
but have 5stocks for this design

Next is a curtain-like belt due to the pattern on the side which reminds me of a curtain which looks something like this.

Comes in brown - left, and black - right
There's a few stocks for brown, not the black.

This is how it looks like if you wear it.

Next is a lace belt.
There's a piece of white lace-like cloth at the middle of the belt

It only have one design - have plently of stock for this design

This is the second design of belt i like.
I really love the pattern on the belt
not sure why not a lot of customers took a few times to appreciate the belts

For the next type of belt,
it will be more on waist belt with elastic at the back.

Ribbon Waist Belt

This a rather nice waist belt due to the 'size' of the ribbon
the ribbon will definitely cover up your tummy xP

Next is a silver ribbon waist belt
The openin is shown below.

Next is a i-dont-really-like-a-lot ribbon waist belt

I dont know why but as compared to the one i wore (above)
i like the design, but probably of the ribbon
just doesnt attract me at all

Lastly, is the white ribbon waist belt

I like this white ribbon waist belt
just that, due to its white,
i subtract a lot of 'marks' as it will get dirty easily.

That's all the belts we had in store.
Do check out the store @ City Plaza Level3 to check out for the actual design(:

&new stocks will be in on early October.
So do stay tune to this small little corner for lastest updates(x

Till my next post♥

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