Oct 6, 2011

RIP Steve Jobs

*this shall be a short & quick post cause i need to rush for work

As stated on my blog title,
RIP Steve Jobs.

(click on the picture which will link to Apple website)

It's really a waste that such an innovative man passed away due to illness.
(He had Cancer)

Its such a shocking news to the world.
Everyone is givin their final blessing to him
whether was it Twitter, FB, Google or other social network.

I did my final blessing to him as well.
This is what i wrote on my FB:
'RIP Steve Jobs.
You have created a wonderful phone & applications for the world
Now, its time for you to have a break & enjoy your life.
Thanks for creating such a wonderful phone
May u RIP.'

The following are a few blessing from my friends:
'Apple has lost a visionary, a creative genius who revolutionized technology. I've never met him, but he definitely was a great influence. Thank you, Steve.'

& a lot of websites are writing a long article about him.

Shall end my post with the name of his memorable creation:
iSad, iGrieved. iCried. iThankYou

*Edit-ed on 22:02
Saw this in FB on one of my friend's wall:
RIP, Mr. Steve Jobs (1955 - 2011)
You are the one who changed everything, you are the one that really changed the smartphone competition.
But without you, maybe there won't be Android OS.
Without you, there won't be Mac computers, iPad, iPhone and iPod.

My add on:
Even though i'm not a fan of Apple products but i'm still impress with all you innovations.
Your legacy shall be remembered.
Your creation shall be placed pn every tables, every ears and every hands of your Apple fans.

You will be remembered by everyone around the world.
May GOD bless you♥

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