Oct 30, 2011


This shall be another 'advertising' post.
Lately, i've been introducing a lot of TWS clothings & accessories
but didnt really have a specific chance to tell you the Place

How silly can i be.

Anyway lets get into today's topic(x

There's 2 escalator in City Plaza
One is at the main atrium area, another is at the side gate area
or should i say the one next to the back gate area.

If you got in from the main atrium,
Take the escalator & you'll be in leve2 where you'll spot Wastons on your right.
Take the escalator which is nearest to Wastons & go up to Level3.

Once you reach level3,
look for both of the stores below

If you found it,
turn right & you'll spot the Toliet sign
when you'll also spot The Wholesale Shop sign(x

The area dont look like this anymore,
cause there has been a lot of changes in that area.

But i will update with a new picture soon,
if i get to fork up some spare time to head down.

If you got in from the side gate,
same thing,
look for the above mentioned stores & you'll spot The Wholesale Shop

If you got a bit hungry & wanted to grab a bit
but don feel like having fried food
you can walk over to Haig Road Food Market.
The best recommendation i can tell you is the Fish Soup, which is the one next to the old Lion City Hotel
& the Hokkien Mee which is in between a Duck Rice store & BeenHoon store.
Forgot if its the BeenHoon, but opposite the Hokkien Mee store there's 2Wanton Mee stores.
Definitely must try(;
Drinks you can look for the soya bean milk store which is opened by an uncle in his 40s.
I forgot the name of the store but if you walk from the City Plaza,
its at the last 3rd 'lane' among all the 'lanes'

Happy Looking(x

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