Nov 7, 2011

Mel(: Birthday Celebration

Happy Birthday to uncle(:
Officailly 20-year-old as of 7Nov xP

Coming back to the Actual topic,
which i was super delighted and thankful to be invited.
Last Friday, 4Nov, we celebrated Mel's birthday
Actually, her birthday was supposed to be on the 9th but one of her 'friend' pushed forward to celebrate her birthday earlier.

At first, i was so super lazy&tried to attend.
Was supposed to end lesson @6pm on Friday but, instead, i end earlier.
Was so super happy that i can have some spare time & wont be late too
After which, my classmates asked me to stay for project & i dont wanna declined their offer cause if we can finish the project early, we wont have to rush out at the very last minute.
&so i stayed till 5plus&i was slightly panic cause the party started @7pm.
But, i HATE taking train during peak hours so i took bus & changed once to reach my destination - NTUC Chalet @ Downtown East
Have never been there before cause its so SUPER EXPENSIVE as compared to Coasta Sands (guess super be slightly cheaper than Aloha right)

Now, its time for the most sickening&frustated part of the night.
Conversion between me & fk:
FK: Are you free ?
Me: No, im on the way to downtown. Why ask ?
FK: Nothing, just asking. Its ok.
--- End Convo ---

I called him cause i cant reach him.
Me: Why do you ask me if im free ?
FK: Nothing, just asking.
Me: Really ?
FK: Actually wanted to ask you how can i reboot my phone. Its ok, i've figured it out.
FK: Why are you at Downtown, what's the commercial about ??
Me: Dont you know that we're celebrating Mel's birthday, today ??
FK: REALLY, no one invited me.
Me: REALLY, wj didn invite you ?
FK: No.
Me: *felt super guilty* Then, do you wanna join in ?
FK: Its ok.
Me: *even guilty than before* Really, but its Mel's birthday celebration, you sure you dont wanna come down now ??
FK: Its ok, i will self invite myself, anywhere.
--- End Convo ---

Seriously, i was SO SUPER DUPER GUILTY

*End of Part1*

Then, i went over to Mac to look for him.
Walk over to row H or was it block H ??!!
We waited for our signal cause Mel dont really know that both of us are invited xD
So, its a SURPRISE for her(x

wj came down with his secondary sch friend & 4 of us walked over to the other side of the block to prepare for the surprises(x

When wj went over to the main gate to bring Mel's polymates over,
both of us start to get busy& i even told him my guilty story)':

*Start of Part2*
He went to called him& i joined him cause i wanna say sorry.
After which, he appeared from the back & SURPRISED me.
I was astonished.
Its meant to surprise mel, in the end, FK surprised me.

Seriously, i went over to ask him how come he arrived in a flash ??
That's when he told me Their Plan
FK lied to me during the phone call & he acted with him.

So, for that entire period (where wj went over to the main gate)
i kept naming both of them 奸人

*End of story*

We increased our pace & finsihed the job before Mel's polymates arrived.

Next was the brainstorming part,
all of us were thinking how to surprised Mel.
In the end, we came up with 2 SURPRISES for her.
First is her polymates will surprised her in the chalet room.
Lastly, the 3 of us (which is actually Mel's Godsiter & Godbrothers) will surprise her when they sang the birthday song.

As what we have expected,
she really got surprised by us xD

Her polymates(:

Her 'Friend' xP xD

3 of us with our ♥♥GodSister♥♥

Mel suggested that we also celebrated his birthday cause both of them are 2days apart.

Cake cutting session(x

Blessed, Enjoyed, Surprised, Delighted Girl-of-the-day♥

The flowers that her polymates brought for her(:

All her secondary batch schoolmates cum friends♥

We ended off with drinking, chatting, eating cake&dinner together for the entire night.
Both me & FK stayed up till midnight
&took the last bus back home.

I really feel like staying over but i dont really know most of them
&there wont be any connected speech for us to talk about
That's why i left.

Here's ending a 'red face' of me after drinking

Ohh, for the entire night
i cant drink much):
cause there's 2 sharp-eyed people 'spying' at me
to prevent me from drinking too much.
So, overall, i only drank half a cup):

Next time shall bring along beer if i can xP

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