Dec 15, 2011

Leaving to Bangkok TOMORROW!

I'll be leaving for Bangkok tomorrow
for a 9D8N stay, touring the norther part of Thailand
& SHOPPING SPREE on the last 2 days in Bangkok
So dont miss me too much xD

Anyway, i have line up a few posts while im on now holiday
So you can still read up a few of my updates which i haven uploaded yet.
Today shall be a short post as i need to study for my COS - Computer Operating System test tomorrow.

Sounds werid right
im leaving tomorrow yet i have a test TOMORROW AS WELL.
Well, nevermind
I guess im more of like 'immune' to havin test which is a few days before term break.
While, guess i have to face the reality cause THIS IS REALITY.

Ok, i really dont know what im talking about cause im bored
&dont want to stare at my revision notes the entire afternoon.

Was planning to watch a few dramas but there's something wrong with my media player.

As for 'Quote of the week' i have something in mind for my holiday.
Do check it out, but it will be on my 'display' header.

The above view was taken at my place, using my phone.
I like it cause it gives me a relaxing & smoothing kind of feeling.
Like all the rants&rages have been washed off, thanks to the cold breeze.

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