Dec 16, 2011

Bye Singapore ~ Bangkok, Here I Come xD

If you're reading this post, it means that im on the plane
Floating above the clouds,
On my way to Bangkok, Thailand.

While, there's nothing much for me to tell you about
except for the school life which has somehow became a WAR.
Lets not talk about unhappy stuff ~~~~~~~~~~

Since Christmas is round the corner,
i shall post a few Giveaway Entires by some of the Blogshops which i followed on FB.


  1. December Flight♥

    December Flight is giving away 10pairs of Angle Color Lens:
    Angle Brown - 2
    Angle Blue - 2
    Angle Violet - 2
    Angle Grey - 2
    Angle Green - 2
    All in 0 degree just FOR THIS CHRISTMAS!

    All you have to do is to like the picture (the link provided)
    & email to with your name, the color of lens you like & email.

    Contest end at this coming Sunday, 18Dec

    &The winner will be notify on Sunday Night.

    FB Link: FB
    Website: December Flight
    Twitter: Twitter

  2. The White Alley♥

    The White Alley has recently launched their CHRISTMAS SPOTLIGHT II collection.
    &they are giving away $10 store credit to 10 LUCKY WINNERS.

    All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps:
    Step1: Like their Fb Page

    Step2: Like the album ( )

    Step3: Share it with caption (The white alley has launched their latest collection! Like their FB page and their latest album to stand a chance to win a $10 store credit.)

    Once you have done the above steps, comment with your email on the album.
    Promotion ends on 16 December, 2359hr/11:59PM

    FB Link: FB
    Website: The White Alley
    Twitter: Twitter

  3. In House Fashion♥

    In House Fashion is hosting a Giveaway to thank all their shoppers for the overwhelming support.
    Follow the simple steps on the picture: (click on the picture to go over to the site)

    Giveaway end on 23rd Dec.

    FB Link: FB
    Website: In House Fashion

  4. Gelliz♥

    Gelliz has just launched their Collection 25
    Here are a list of PROMOTION they are giving away for thier shoppers THIS CHRISTMAS

    1) Top spender of Collection 25 will receive a FREE Slithe Snakeskin Clutch - Venom White *Premium* + additional Christmas Treats from us! :D

    2) "LIKE & SHARE" your favourite outfit (as many as you can) and stand a chance to be one of the 10 lucky winners to receive a $10 Store Credit from us!
    Collection 25 photo album at Facebook,

    3) Free SMARTPAC next-day delivery (Worth $4.20) when you purchase 4 or more items! For more details about SmartPac, visit

    Once you've done liking & sharing the album on your own FB wall, comment with your email on the album to notify us! (1 winner to 1 $10 Store Credit.)

    Promotion ends on 21st Dec 2011, 12 Midnight.
    &Winners will be notified via email, facebook, and twitter.

    FB Link: FB
    Website: Gelliz
    Twitter: Twitter

  5. Faire Belle♥

    Faire Belle is having a Fb promotion for their collection 110!
    They are giving away 5 x Taylor Diamonte Bustier Dress!

    Follow the 3 easy steps to WIN this gorgeous dress,
    1) click "LIKE" and "SHARE" this album to your profile!
    2) "LIKE" and tag yourself to the dress that you would love to win.
    3) Leave a comment in the album - " I ♥ this! " and share it to your profile.

    Its that easy!
    Winners will be announced on this coming Saturday, 17th Dec.

    FB Link: FB
    Website: Faire Belle
    Twitter: Twitter


That's all i have/can find.
If you have more giveaway,
do comment here to share with everyone (including me xD)
Appreciate Much♥

Have a fun term break to all Polys♥,
fun December Holidays for Primary&Secondary students♥,
Joyful holiday for all JC Year2 Students♥ (i heard that you guys just ended your A Level exams a few days ago)
Nice, fun holiday to all Uni Students♥ (some of you have just received your results/ended exams)

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