Dec 7, 2011

12 things you want to know about weight loss

Pop over to Yina's blog & i came upon a post titled
'10 things you want to know about weight loss'.

Here's the list which Yina's comment out.

10 things you want to know about weight loss:

1. stay away from deep fried food, pastries, cakes, and all things unhealthy. no KFC, no Macdonalds, or any other kinds of fast food. any food with high fat content is generally not good.

2. try to drink only plain H20, and lots of it! or maybe Oolong Tea (zero calories!) if plain water is not available. do not take in any empty calories (drinks that are heavily laden with calories but don't actually make you feel full) like Starbucks (uh huh. that toffee nut latte is really very sinful...), bubble milk tea or alcohol that are very calorie dense.

*Add On: i personally dont recommend tap water, do boil the water before you consumed it.

3. exercise! get moving with some simple exercising, like jogging or brisk walking, or join a pilates class or something! i hate exercise, especially jogging, but i can't deny that it really feels great after a jog, the adrenaline rush and post exercise euphoria is really shiok!

4. avoid eating late, or having heavy dinner/suppers.

5. cut down on carbs. try to eat less rice/noodles/white bread cos carbs may be satisfying, but having too much will make you feel lethargic and sleepy, and also, try to keep your carb meals to either breakfast or lunch, cos they'll digest better!

6. find a weight loss partner, so you have someone to motivate you and exercise/diet together! keep tabs on each other, and provide mental and emotional support! don't be like me and YZ, i think we can't control each other and we only end up eating more together. hahaha.

7. increase your fruits and veggie intake! more fibre is always good. other than that, eat more healthy protein such as fish (not deep fried please!) and lean meats, like chicken breast.

8. avoid overeating, stop when you're feeling 50-70% full. it can be difficult, especially when you're out eating with friends! try to get your friends to help you by planning non-food activities, or to dine at places where there are healthier food choices available.

9. reward yourself! set weekly or monthly weight loss targets that are realistic and achievable, and when you've managed to successfully reach your target, treat yourself to a new dress, or a pair of shoes, or anything that makes you feel good!

10. allow yourself ONE small food indulgence per month, or every two weeks, it could be a cup of Koi, or a small pack of chips, just be sure to make sure you know when to stop, and not to allow yourself this treat too often.


What i personally think is that all 10things can really help in weight loss
cause out of 6things are my daily points to myself.

Probably i can add another one which is:
11. is that food you're taking/eating a 'want' or 'need'.
if you just feel like biting on something, you can try fruits which are high in vitamins, minerals & protein. eg, apple, banana, papaya or dragonfruit (the mention fruits also help in digestion and blood cicurlation)

12. is the food im buying affordable or not. if it's not within my daily range, then i will save it. if it's within my range, i will ask myself if its a 'need' or a 'want'
[actually, im sensitive to $$. so everytime when i feel like buyin something, i will stop myself to think twice]

Here's wishing all you girls out there to have a fun & workout month.
Here's another tip from me which i always told myself if i feel like giving up halfway through my exercise routines


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