Aug 27, 2009

Exams is finally almost over.
Countin down in 4more days (exclude weekends & teacher's day)

A lot of ppl to wish them...
Happy belated 17th b'dae to cheehao & anting. (25th & 26th aug)
Happy belated 16th to nelson. (26th aug)

Next up,
is ......
Not wishin them right now.

Ytd oral was quite normal.
E examiner,esp e indian,seems to have a tired day in e mornin.
As when im readin e passage & pic dicuss,her eyelids seem v heavy.
Keep fallin down,coverin her eyes.

Ytd topic was more about racial harmony,
& conversation was more on givin presents
& when do you ever speak or communicate with different races of ppl.
Something like tt.
& pic was a muslim family gng in to a chi family's house.
& a malay lady givin oranges to a chi elderly,
in return,e elderly gave her a red packet.

quite unpredicted.
as i was thinkin whether is e topic in a full circle.
as 1st day of oral is on shopping&travellin in different place,
thn mon is shopping.
2nd day of oral was on blood pressure & health check,tue is healthcare.
So was thinkin whether is there a linked between both weeks,
but,in the end,my prediction r wrong.
totally wrong.

revisin for poa which is e last paper for mi.
falls on nxt fri ):
jy for all who r retakin MT paper ,so is mi,
& oso all the best for prelims & preparation of o lvls. =D

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