Aug 30, 2009

All lot of things have happened durin the week
& all i think was of a person where the person may help me.

Exam period are still on the go,
left with 3papers,including science practical.

Monday will be celebrating Teacher's Day & there will be a concert for both upper&lower level.
But bad new is...
Need to dance the 'simo simo' dance,as its ACES Day.
& 2round charity walk,2periods of  lessons after that will concert.
The whole event will approximately end @ 12.30pm.
Not sure will there be an extended time for the upper sec as its always like this for the past 3years.

A person said that ...not going back to due to exam in school.
But i may have to wait as thinking of going to eat ice-cream buffet xP
Have to ask permission to join frist before deciding (:
But hope is a yes for me.

Since its past midnight,,
better go to bed or else dark circles will be seen on my face xP
Night earthlings C=

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