Aug 12, 2009

Time flies.
In another 2 hrs plus will be the start of the prelims.

Dame afraid i may fail.
As not been revisin quite often.
Especailly my poa & EL.
These 2sub r my weakness now.

All i need is ample of practice but im lazy.
Should be wonderin what im doin,,,
Revise on letter format & memorizin some vocab to score well for my paper 1.
Which i always did badly due to insufficient use of vocab in my writin.

Hope that i can pass all my subjects & @ least min b4 max a1 (:
thats my target for the prelims.

Jiayou to all my friends who are takin o level this year & also n level too,
To pass with flyin & cheer to the joyfulness of gettin great results C:

& mon went to eat buffet again.
will update more in that once i've finish my prelim.
Or maybe finish my EL which is later on [=

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