Aug 8, 2009

Im quite tired alr.
So will make this post sweet & short (:

These r e photos which was taken durin shuang's b'dae party.
Veune : @ her own house

C @ e whole varities of foods.
Isit great & makes yu famished rite ?

My yizhang & muhui jiujiu
& oso dapang ahyi

Borin ppl waitin for e 'cuttin' of e cake
Some playin com,
some watchintv,
some slackin outside e house chit-chattin plus a mini bbq&wine,
some mahjong (elders),
some chattin/gossipin round e dinner table.
quite detailed rite (:

Finally, e 'cake cuttin'

Happy 15th b'dae to shuang (:
e b'dae girl of 'tt day'
with her family

with us,all e cousins
(sorry if e pic is too small to spot ur own faces)
'cake cuttin' ceremony xP

Balloons bought buy jiayu jiejie
ahpig holdin on e balloons posin to get a nice shot.

e b'dae girl & me
4 yi & honghong,ahying & my baby brother,zhirui (:

ahying alone & huiqin

my hungry baby brother with my xiao yi
e present which mi,jie,qin,ahpig & jiayu jiejie [tks huiqin]
famous amos cookie cake
taste nice too

tts all.
sweet & short.
need some rest after doin e-learnin.
*nite nite (:
photos credit to jiayu jiejie,our photographer
huiqin for e cookie cake
tks both of yu v much C:

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