Aug 10, 2009

Here's the updates on last week Sunday afternoon 'high tea'.
i still have a few more but will post up again (:
When i sat down,
the 1st thing that caught my eye was their menu.
So cute.
& the 'high' chairs they have.

These are the 'high' chairs im talking about.

The dim sums dishes
My favourite is suimai (:

Other 'side' dishes ??

Desserts (:
My favourite is the masgo pudding & almond dumplings
inside the dumplings are sesame.

The restaurant name & the award they have.
Their service is fast.
If not mistaken it's near Orchard Hotel, @ tanglin rd.
Their opening session for afternoon is from 12-3/3.30pm
Last order @ 2.45pm
& you need to book for a place as heard that it's pack with people all the time.
So do try it.
Rate : 4/5

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