May 12, 2014

The Food Diary Chapter 2

Was planning to blog about CNY but my pictures are still stored in my phone and am lazy to retrieve so I'm going to postponed CNY post to this.

Saizeriya Italian Restaurant - have you ever tried/heard of this restaurant ??
Honestly no for me
I was introduced by my xiao gu and ever since I've introduced to my parents and friends too xP

Here is what i had, together with my xiao gu, twice:

Serious speaking, i can't really remembered the name of each dish, but i can tell you they definitely have the BEST CORN I've ever tried before.
The plus point was the corn was served hot and plain - which means no butter, salt or seasoning was added into the corn.

I'd also like to compliment on their in-house meat especially the pork.
Tender, not to springy, mouth-watering, not too tough, most importantly - NOT OILY.

This post was kind of short, but i will not make broken promises to my readers. Make sure you hold on to my CNY posts

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