Feb 7, 2010

Finally i have the time to post.

Have enjoyed myself during my job @ TMF.
For the whole month,
have been durig the same job,
eatin the same food but i can help Vince korkor to pack up the old lucky draw things.

The most funny thing is that the plastic bag which Vince korkor told
had a 'big' hole @ the bottom & both of us didnt notice until i felt something funny between rigth toes.

The other funny part is last thur when we had our lunch @ the Beach Road Food Market.
This is the 1st time i went to that food market.
Then here's the fun part...
When 4 of us, included me, Vince korkor, Jimmy huai ren,Shirley ahyi & Elisha jiejie,
had finished our meal,
we started talkin about almond then hongkong thingg then whatever chinese traditional medicine which they, the '80s kid xP, told durin thier childhood & more.
Then after which me & jimmy huai ren started bickering around.
Actually, i think, Elisha jiejie might be sayin 'why does both of you keep bickerin around ?'
That's what i think,
im not sure as when she's about to say,
both of us cut her speech xP

Funny is funny but i did enjoy myself durin those workin days (:
Would like to say thanks to Vince korkor as he's the one who keep takin care of me the most.
But Elisha jiejie & Shirley ahyi & Jimmy huai ren too (:
& of course,
thanks to Julie jiejie to accept me in to their company in helpin with the data entry.
The most thankful person is none other than Jiayi jiejie who help me find this great job which i can kill time & earn some $$ too (x

Thanks all...

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