Feb 27, 2010

I love K.O.3anguo (:
The finale is damn touchin, funny & all the main characters have their own happy ending.

Love it so much.
But even though ah gong didnt went to help out,
but xu, dong cheng wei, wu hu jiang, hui zhang, xiao qiao, sun qun (i know i spell wrongly), gong qing, ah mong & gan ning battle out with ye shi ti which is known as sun jian.
* promise will change it back to mandrian wordings (:

Its a damn nice endin.
Yesterday went to watch little big soldier with my xiao mei, ah zhen.
The movie takes about 1h50plus mins.
& the summary for the moive....
Hilarious & a good knowledge of shan guo durin the qing dynasty.
The war took place between wei guo & liang guo.
Not going to say much from the movie.
If you wanna know more about it,
watch it YOURSELF xP
On the way to the theatre,
saw annchee & huixian.
Both of them didnt change much.
& saw anting when im rushin to tm.
She's workin, @ that period when i saw her.
should get back to study, again.
As im retakin poa, eng & math (not decide yet).
& also...
Happy 18th Birhtday to Ruzzini (:
which is today, 27th Feb

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