Feb 18, 2010

Hi everyone,
Happy Chinese New Year again (:

These cny days had been galmblin like nobody's business.
The worst person is always my dad, yi zheng & jiujiu.
They are the ones who always 'give up' their money to make us happy,
durin gamblin of course xP

While,yesterday was the first day of school & first day of work.
Everyone is busy workin & studyin,
except for those who have already taken day off for these three days.
But as for me,
im stayin at home watchin tv, usin computer, bloggin xP
& a lot more things to do as well (:
Besides even stayin at home is a bit bored but @ least im happy.

As one have said (in han yu ping yin) ;
zuai le guan de ren jiu shi zhe shi shang zui xing fu de ren (:

So why should be upset & unhappy with my everyday life.
Instead, i got to stay happy everyday to enlighten myself & not think of those
unhappy moments which i had encountered in the past.

Happy Chinese New Year again.
& for those who need to bai tai sui,
accordin to the chinese calendar, from yesterday onwards
you can start to go over & pray at the temple.
As for me,
while im one of it so maybe this saturday or sunday will be goin with my parents
as all my family members need to bai tai sui except for both my younger brother & sister.

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