Feb 24, 2010

Lots of things to update.
Recently have been addicted to online shoppin
like cosmetics,clothes, facial products & lots more.
But i know that sometimes online shoppin may have a few faults with their products.
Like some even blacklisted people for sellin them imperfect items
& some of the items they got doesnt match with the ones posted on the web itself.

So,right now,
im waitin for my pay & after which im goin to transform into a 'Shopping Girl'.
Sourcin out clothes, cosmetics in all shoppin malls or pushcart or shop-houses.

& most importantly im still decidin whether should i retake maths or not.
If i retake maths,
i'll be extremely busy between my poly work & the retake subjects.
But,what do i have to do when i dont have any choice but to choose the hard routine
just to opt for a science course in either nyp or sp.

Feel like watchin damn lots of movie.
But im all alone watchin,for this week only.
As my cousins are havin exam (poly), some are schoolin till damn late hours
some are preparin for o level like hell.
Friends are all busy in their work, some uncontactable,
some not sure of their phone numbers.

So, do you think im lonely ???

Yea.... xP
*stupid answer to entertain myself.

Next is,,,
why does my ez-link amount used up so quickly when i just used the bus/train for a day ???
Seriously,not used to adult fare but when im studyin poly,
that's the disadvantage i have to accept.
Fashion advertisment time!
Some of my friends are askin;
'Do you really can earn $$ by help people to adv ?'
my answer to them is;
'Depends on whether they want to or not.'
'Some are just random post adv by myself & i guess they dont really know about it.'

So right now,
out of all the adv im postin (now)
are all random ones which i want to share to you (:
Sit back& let your fingers 'execrise' a bit xP
Its time for some great sales launch at Kristineyunny!
Get fabulous & gorgeous deals at discounted prices from past collection.
Featuring a Retro swing dress that the owner like!
That is a must get design that looks very classy (:
Also,a babydolll lacey dolly top,
a few dresses for e working office ladies &another Korean-inspired Cashmere Cardigan to keep u snuzzy in schools and offices.
It even had a removable furry ribbon brooch that comes with it.
Isnt it great ?

Visit http://kristineyunny.livejournal.com/18527.html#cutid1

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