Aug 12, 2010

Last update for YOG Flame.
As tomorrow shall be the final last day
& im so gonna miss everyone.

All the hardship we've being through,
all the delays,
all the carrying & running,
all the sweats & energy been used,
all the things that have been 'experienced' & felt never before,
together, in this YOG Flame event.

So, the starting point for today is some military Institution to ITE Central (not sure which school/area) for morning shift,
& for me, afternoon shift, from Unity Secondary School to SP.
For today, we actually went in to SP to 'enjoy & view' the celebration event
when we dont even know what to do next after the touchbearer bypass us.
As, everytime, after the flame/touchbearer bypass us,
we'll have to get on the Samsung bus to go to our next destination.
But, as for SP,
no one knew what to do,
thus, following the SPians all the way to SP's auditorium.
& even saw the performance by MONSTER.

They're performance was the same as NYP,
i guess, all of the performance, which MONSTER performed, were basically all the same xP

& the ICs were super glued on to it.
& i ask one of them, ‘ 没有看过他们表演吗 ?’ (never seen them[MONSTER] performed ?)
‘没有!’ (No.)
‘你没有在 NYP 看过吗?’ (Didn't catch it during NYP Celebration day ?)
‘没有!’ (No.)
Ok, i forgave him.
Cause all the ICs left after they have finished their duties,
thus didnt stayed back to watch the performance (except for today xP )

Tomorrow will be the last day.
Starting point will be at Nanyang Girls' High School to SYOGOC (Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee) Headquarter in Queenstown area, for the morning shift.
Morning shift is such a super long stretch of area,
from Nanyang Girls' - Newton station - Little India Station - Boon Keng Station - Lavender Station - Tanjong Pagar Station - Tiong Bahru Station - Sentosa - HarbourFront Station - Mount Faber Park - Queenstown Station - SYOGOC. (stations mention will be only bypassing.)
As for afternoon shift, will start from SYOGOC to The Promontory@Marina Bay, which will be the last stop for the last day.

Office workers in the CBD area,
do look out for the YOG, Samsung & Hippo buses.

See you guys tomorrow (:

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