Aug 14, 2010

Nothing fits best when you reached home after a long tired day.
even though i do complained about how boring i am, when on board bus 1,
& how warm the weather are,
everything paid off.

Yesterday marks the last day of JYOG & the last day of my duties as a Samsung Motivator.
): ): ): ):
Out of all 6days of JYOG,
have met a lot of new friends & ICs.
Thanks all of you, new friends & ICs, for making the 6days such a memorable ones.
Have always thought that joining school event is a waste of time.
Have never entered/joined any school events on my will,
besides cca events & COMPULSORY events.

Untill, 3months ago,
NYP sent an email saying that they're 'recuriting' students for a flashmob/motivator for YOG which will be coming to our school on 7Aug.
Without hesitation, kamini & me joined in immediately.

On the first day of our dance 'lesson', 6Jul,
Saw a huge crowd entering in to Indoor Sports Hall.
After which both me & kamini had worked double hard to join in the Samba Flashmob.
&, thanks to my dream,
it did came true.
Through this, we meet abigail.
After which, during the Samsung Human Touch on 23Jul,
i met juli's friend.
naida & her friends, nolly, branca & another which im not sure what's her name.
(do update me on her name & add me in facebook xP )

Through all the rehearsals,
meet one of abi's friend. (also not sure what's his name)

On the first day of my Samsung motivator duty,
meet Khairi & the ballroom members.
After which, on subsequent duty dates,
meet Jeslyn, Sangeetha, Jiva & xunmei.
Meet the bus 3 ICs, Jeremy, Vincent aka sissy horn, Weimin & Weihao.
& 2 bus 1 ICs, not sure their names cause they don't wanna tell me.
thus, they want us to call them '老大' which means 'boss'.
(anyone know their names, do tag me.)

Yesterday, the final day of JYOG,
never expect Samsung to call in JJLin to be one of the touchbearer, M1 CEO Neil Montefiore, Olympic pole vault gold medallist Yelena Isinbayeva & a mini celebrity boy who became famous on the 3rd day of JYOG, Low Wei Jie, a Compassvale Primary School Student, too, were the touchbearer for yesterday.

When both Coke & Samsung Hippo bus bypass,
saw Silver Ang on the Coke Hippo Bus.
She looks pretty & with a flawless complex.

Something happened while waiting for the touchbearer & the flame to arrive,
there's a security guard came over to tell one of the IC, 'all of you are not supposed to stand on a private property.'
We ignored him, cause YOG currently is the biggest.
I think, he called his head & told him everything.
But the head didnt told us anything,
thus ignoring them.
After which, 4 police officers came over, 'Sorry, but i have to ask you to ask the students at the road side to leave as its too dangerous when there's vehicle driving along the road.'
So, we just have to listen to him,
cause the Flame hasn't arrived, yet.
But after we saw the police officers riding on the motorbikes,
we hurried down & the 4 police officers like 'monitoring' our safety, so is the security guard.
After the flame left,
the security told one of my bus-mate something,
& went over to ask her.
She said, 'He said we're not supposed to make loud noises on private property area.'
Im so super furious that i told the ICs.
Seriously, i can't stand him anymore & shouted back, 'YOG 大还是你大 ?' (Which holds the most authority, you or YOG ?)

Nevermind, forgetting about the incident.

Here's a picture which i took with Jeremy,Vincent & Weimin
to end off my final post of JYOG.

Happy 18th Birthday to Shabeer & Hazel (both 14/8)

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