Aug 11, 2010

New updates for YOG!!!
Yesterday went over to Pasir Ris, Tampines & Bedok area.
I didnt get to board the Hippo Bus,
but im so gonna fight for it on the last day as we are going to the CBD, Central Business District.

My spots, for yesterday, was MJC, Meridian JC, Tampines Street 11, Changkat CC & Bedok Reservior Park, next to the alighting area of the flame when it past over by a TP student who stood on the dargon boat by TP's dargon boat club members.

Final updates on the area for today,
will be starting from Hwa Chong Institution all the way to West Spring Secondary, (for morning shift) after which to the Singapore Zoo.
As for the afternoon shift, which is me (: , will be starting from ITE Central,Yishun all the way to RP.
I know its damn suoer far for me to go back home ):
But, what to do, tomorrow will be going to SP.
Have to check the route first before going.

If anyone of you are in your own house & we heard a few music being played,
dont hesitate to look out as you may get to see the Samsung & Coke Hippos bus,
along with lots of police & a few YOG very own coach buses for the touchbearers
& after which, the YOG flame & the appointed touchbearer holding on to it.

Happy 18th Birthday to Youfeng (11/8) (:

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