Jan 8, 2011

I have so many things to blog about & i dont know where should i start from...

Lets start from the title: School's Project/Work
As most of you have known that our 2weeks break just flew pass
like the wind blew off together with the sand/leaf/anything that you can name that 'flew' together with the wind.

During these 2weeks break, have finished up Innovation project, Maths assignment & the start-up part for DSA(which is to be known as C# if some cannot recongise).
Also, during these 2weeks break, have went out with classmates to Sentosa &Vivo City.
You can read about the outing to Sentosa & Vivo City by clicking on the 2veunes(x

During the 2weeks break, we have celebrated 2 Mega Festive Season
& that is Christmas & New Year's Day.
How is everyone's holiday for these 2occasions ???
Should be the best party ever right ???

Our New Year Cake(x
The mango is super sweet, but not the cherry, its super solid like a fake one.

After the 2weeks break ends, its time to face the 'book world' aka School's World.
But, luckily, the 1st week of school, right after the 2weeks break,
we only need to attend the whole of Tuesday lesson
& 1hr lecture on Monday.
As for Wednesday - Friday, its Open House period
thus, there isnt any school for these days.
I know, for sure, that RP & NP still have lessons going on for Open House period
thus i feel blessed to be in NYP (x
*noddin nodding

Next title is: Open House Period
For the 3days Open House period, have managed to start a bit of FNET project & edit a few DSA codings which our teacher gave us a certain criteria to follow.

On Wednesday, went out to watch The Tourist with 'the guys'.
If you're wondering what's my review on the Tourist, click on it(x

On Thursday, went to Paya Lebar KFC to do FNET with teamates
At the same time, helped Aaron's team to finish up thier CMaths Project.
I didnt know Hanny is there, got a shock when i saw her.
Went to Kenneth's place to do the remaining work as some of our laptops have run out of battery & there isnt any plugs in either Mac or KFC.
& Kenneth's place is the same place as him...
2storey high HDB flat in Sims Aveune area.
If not mistaken, is Blk 200+++ (not going to tell you the actual block)
Its in between Paya Lebar & Eunos train station.
& i also have tried a different eye look.
Looks super rock&clubbing feeling as i used shimmer black eye pencil.
Didn took the picture, as it super didn last long the whole day...
Super waste my $$$ on investing.

On Friday, went back to school to meet Desmond to let him see if there's enough information for my FNET project part.
After which, met up with my sister, ahpig & xingxing, my sister said he's our relative & not cousin.
Isnt relative & cousin the same ???!!!
Anyway, went to Mac for lunch, I ordered Chocolate Waffle instead of the BeeHoon which i usually went to buy if going to dine in Mac aka Fast Food Canteen.
Went to look for Samson to bring sister&xingxing to tour around the Busniess Block which is Blk B.
Failed to look for Suresh to tour around IT Block, which is my block too & its block L.
So i bring them around.
Went over to Block M which is the Multimedia block.
xingxing want to tour Design block which, seriously, i dont know there's a Design Block in NYP.
Went to look for him to tour around Engine Block which is Block S.
After which went to Block R which is DESIGN BLOCK!!!!
Guess what, when we went in to tour Engine block, one of the student gave my sister this:

Its a phone holder on something made by Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering Students.
The blue part is something like a plastic which prevents the phone from sliding off the holder.
Super nice design right ???
Currently, im using as my sister dont want it xP

Saturday, is the last day of Open House for all 5polytechnics.
Im staying at home combining FNET project by group members & writing this blog post & watch a few shows from Taiwan & WGM.

Next title is: Samples
Have signed up for TheSampleStore which used to be the Fr3b.
You can visit their website be simply click on the link on the left which i had.
You can grab as many samples you like, & i have grab a few too.
Have grab the Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel.
Have help & seen a lot good remarks about it.
So have selected it to try.

This is how the sample pack look like when i opened the enevlope.

The gel

The colour of the gel should look a bit white after you have massage on your face.

But the result doesnt seems to be 'nice' on me after i've tried.
My nose area doesnt seems smooth & there's still a bit of blackheads remain on my nose.
But, after i have cleanse my face, the nose area became smooth & the blackheads wasnt there anymore.
Now, i believe what its stated in the sample pack,
'Rinse off with water/facial cleanser after use.'

Next, i think the last title is: A BRAND NEW Wardrobe
My dad had purchase a BRAND NEW Wardrobe from jiujiu who is qin's dad.
Here's a 'view' on my old & new ones(x
*super excited xD

Used to store my new clothes(on the top right) & usual clothing(on the top left)
2nd & 3rd are my 2nd sister & youngest sister respectively.

My old wardrobe
Lot of clothing right, hahax...
This is typical girl/lady (x

The NEW Wardrobe
Only captured it with 'open arms' as im tryin to let it 'breathe'
cause have the 'brand new' smell if you opened it.
Currently is still trying to place everything to the NEW Wardrobe.
& the old one will be going to be my youngest sister as currently she's sharing with my 2nd sister.

That sums up all the things i wanna post/blog for these 3weeks(:
Have a happy day/week/month/year ahead(x
Stay Healthy, always(x

~~~~~~~~~~~~Signing off~~~~~~~~~~~~

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