Jan 5, 2011

Went to Watch this Movie with Classmates, Today:

The Tourist, directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
I guess, the language, for the movie, is more on English & French/Spanish.

I shall give my reviews, on this movie, with a few pictures from the scene.
Let's get started... (x

The starting part of the movie:

Where Elise Ward, the role being played by Angelina Jolie, had her breakfast in a cafe,
which is a usual rounite, everyday.

The most 'ridiculous' part of the movie:

Where Elise Ward had to find someone to replace 'a traitor cum culprit' to fool the police.

The most 'unexpected' part of the movie:

As Elise Ward 'booked' a hotel & ask Frank Tupelo, the role played by Johnny Depp, to join her
& claimed him to be her 'husband' during check-in.

The most 'unimaginable' part of the movie:

Just to 'fool' the police, fyi.

The most 'worse nightmare' part of the movie:

Where Frank was being chased by an old man who wanted 'him' to repay back his money.

The most 'usual talk with a friend' part of the movie:

Elise told Frank that all the hotel&trip&colthing when paid by someone which turns out to be her lover.

The most 'pity' part of the movie:

Frank was captured by the police where he accidentally pushed a police to the sea.

The most 'brave' part of the movie:

As Frank was being 'taken' by the Venice police & handed over to the 'baddies', which i claimed to be.

The most 'advernturous' part of the movie:

Frank is being rescued by Elise.

The 'decision' part of the movie:

Whether to go or not to go.

The most 'cunning' part of the movie:

I hate the most, but its a bit 'nice' to think of 'that plan'.

My most 'favourite phrase' of the movie:

'You are part of the plan.' - By Elise Ward

The 'truth revealed':

There's still a lot more 'interesting' parts of the movie.
If you really know what happen or 'fill in the blank' (as some parts i did not really specify on)

You can watch the offical trailer by going to the cinema to watch it.

My rating for 'The Tourist' is:
Its funny & a bit of 'puzzling' which may need you to think for a moment.

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