Jan 3, 2011

Svenson's Hair Care Blogging Contest

Recently have received a mail from Nuffnang & this is a blogging contest for
'Svenson’s Hair Care Blogging Contest'
which you may walk away with an Apple iPad or Svenson’s Hair Care Vouchers(:

Isnt it exciting ???
Here's my entires, or rather, chapters on my everyday hair issues.

When I Woke Up Early In The Morning
Have you ever get disgusted when you woke up in the morning & your hair spoilt your 'mood of the day' ???

I do.
Look at my hair condition when i woke up & went to the washroom to clean up
(dont comment anything if you feel annoying)

See, my side & top part of my hair.
Looks oily right ???

Have tried to use a lot of different kinds, different types & different brands to cure it
but nothing seems to work.
Everytime i've tried, either its the 'type' that i got it wrong or i used too much conditioner on my scalp.
But, i just cant find any that really suits my hair...

-- moving on to the next chapter

After Showering
Currently im using Dove Straight&Silky Shampoo
& i used conditioner 2times per week as i does not want to damage my scalp, too much.
(im actually quite careful when using conditioner)
As everyone should know, after showering, your hair will be very smooth which feels like a baby's skin.
But, after using the hair dryer, the roots on the top part of my hair will feel rather 'rough' & oily
If you really are going to 'smell' it, the conditioner scent is there as in like, as if, i didnt wash off throughly.

& it breaks my heart when i took a comb & the result is this:

& after combing:

Don't you ???

&, also, after drying your hair,
strands of hair will be spotted on the floor.
Everytime you have to sweep the floor so that no one will think that you have 'HAIR LOSS' Problem.

Who would ever want to end their 'untreated' hair like this ???

-- moving on to the final chapter

Conclusion on hair issue
Not sure if my hair is going to be untreated for how much time.
By summarising my hair issue,
here are the list:

    #1 - Oily hair on top part of my hair

    #2 - Hair gets a bit when staying outdoors for a long period under the scorching sun

    #3 - Conditioner scent remains on the hair roots

    #4 - Last 15cm of hair gets tangled easily

    #5 - FRIZZY

So, i hope after writing these posts chapters,
all the ladies, women, girls out there can really take care of your hair, especially the scalp area, carefully AT ALL TIMES.

DON'T end up like this over your hair issue:

    I hope that Svenson HairCare will have a solution to help treat my hair(:

Do check out Svenson HairCare facebook Page to look at other girls entires too.

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