Jan 16, 2011

'Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.' - Mark T.
Its been a while since i last blog on 8Jan.
Not much things have happened for last week,
except for projects, tests, final preparation & adjustment, & presentation.

But, i guess, the best day for last week should be Thursday.
As that's the day where i've 3hours break in between lessons.
Went over to S-11, near amk station.
Tried the hor fun which is super nice, but, too bad my taste bud has changed
due to a very high-risked-in-getting-infected sore throat.
Played pool again, as usual for us.
& we have new players...
Aaron, mingqian, haiqal & ppo.

Aaron & haiqal were super pro in pool,
just like clinton & wenting.

Seriously, i cant played in front of the pros...
Im just a beginner...

that's all...
nothing much, really...

I fell sick on friday ):
Had a bad fever, flu, cough & sore throat infection.
Started eating lots of pills which was prescribed by my parents.
Sounds weird right, should be 'doctor' instead of 'parents'.
Well, one of my 'contanier' contains lots of pills which were either unfinished previously or taken from the clinic before going oversea trip.

Currently still have a bit of infected sore throat & block nose.
Hope that it will soon be cured before presentation or the latest tests.

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