Dec 1, 2013

Korean BBQ Buffet in the South

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This is my first ever Korean BBQ Buffet as mostly I went to Korean BBQ restaurant without the 'Buffet'
Actually this buffet was to celebrate my 四姨 '21st' birthday (haha) as she said she's never had Korean BBQ before and 1st Aunt managed to find this restaurant over the web with lots of good reviews.
Ju Shin Jung @ West Coast was the final choice

The restaurant was directly opposite Haw Par Villa and it's very accessible with the new Circle Line.

Here's a little tip for those who are driving over. The carpark located in front of the restaurant was operated by a cash card gantry and he stayed for about 4hours plus and the parking fee cost about $5plus to $6. Super duper expensive.
If you're ok with climbing the overhead bridge under the scorching sun or rain, you can park your car over at Haw Par Villa which cost $5 FOR THE ENTIRE DAY.

Coming back to the restaurant, the surrounding of the entrance has a traditional Korean style which is decorated with plants, giving customers diners the greeny atmosphere.
The glass door was full of newspaper and magazine reviews.

But what really caught my eyes was THIS.


Together with other Korean stars which I can't really recognized who these signatures actually belongs to.

If you're bringing along children, fear not that you're child will get bored while waiting for the succulent meats to be cooked, there's a kids corner for them to play around.

It's very thoughtful of them to actually come up with the kids corner, probably the father can prepared the food and the mother can bring their kids over while waiting to be served with a scrumptious meals

The Menu

From what I know after looking through at all the reviews done up by other food bloggers, the Koreans like to start their meals with side dishes.
Over here, we were served with 12 side dishes.

Full Spread of side dishes.
The middle long plate was for the bbq meats.

Individual side dishes

Right now, please take a look at this Aspirin tablets.

On first glance, I thought they served us sweets as it comes together with the side dishes but I curiously asked my uncle what it is and he replied with a laugh, 'This can't be eaten. It's actually towels for us to clean our mouth and hands after the meals.'
I seriously have no idea nor can I imagined that these 'medicine' were towels?!
My uncle said that we have to add the water and let the 'magic' do the rest

Ta Da!!!

Seriously I have NEVER EVER seen such cute little magic towels but come to think of it, I DID encounter such towels when I was in China
Was it Beijing or Shanghai *hmm....
Can't recall, but anyway IT'S FREAKING COOL!!!

Here comes the best part of the 'show', and that is the FOOD!!!
The yummylicious food. But first I have to apologized as I can't remember any of the names but I will definitely comment honestly on every dishes.


Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside (can't remember what's the fillings)
This is one of the side dishes.

The pumpkin soup was appetizing that's one of the side dishes.

Close up view

I believe everyone who loves Korean food will know what this is

Glass Noodle and malt tea. They do serve plain water as well.

The glass noodle was yummy with a little spicy sauce added to it. It does a bit of appetizing due to the spiciness.

There are 2 types of soup - first is the spicy soup and the second is the beef stew.
Out of both soups, definitely the beef stew wins.

The beef was just nice, about 70-85% cooked. The beef was super tender and absolutely absorbed the herbal taste from the soup.

for the beef stew.

The skin of the fish was a little crispy yet the fresh itself was not overcooked.
But do be careful of the bones, I almost swallowed one.

Now, it's time for the main lead of the day - the mouth-watering succulent MEATS
Even the lion can't get their eyes off

We've ordered pork, beef, chicken and lamp (if I'm not mistaken)

I'm starting to swallow my saliva right now just by looking at these mouth-watering uncooked meats.

小姨 and 小姨丈 at work
 Naughty me

The final version of the various we had.

Wrapped together with the purple lettuce, top with a dice of garlic, a few kimchi, a small piece of green chilli and a sweet sauce.

Fantastic combination. I'm seriously enjoying myself.

Ending off with a heart-shaped watermelon and a cup of drink which tasted like apple cider vinegar. The drink was too sweet for me but absolutely tastes good and goes well with the watermelon for the 'Finale'.

Ohh, by the way, the restaurant has 2 types of seats for customers to choose from. One is the tatami style

I only remembered to take after our meals sorry for the mess.
And another is the usual seats

Credits to Cavinteo

Overall, I had a fulfilling lunch and definitely worth the price.

Ju Shin Jung West
27 West Coast Highway, #01-18/19,
Yess Centre (Opposite Haw Par Villa)
Singapore 117867
Tel: 6464 0872

Operating Hours: (Opens Daily)
Lunch: 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner: 6pm - 11pm

If you think that West Coast is too far for you, there's also other branches:
Ju Shin Jung East
1018 East Coast Parkway, #02-01,
Leisure Court, East Coast Park (2nd floor of Burger King)
Singapore 449877
Tel: 6447 9279

Operating Hours:
Opens Daily from 12pm - 10pm

Ju Shin Jung Katong
451 Joo Chiat Road, #01-01/03,
Katong Junction 1F (Next to Joo Chiat CC)
Singapore 427664
Tel: 6440 7707

Operating Hours:
Opens Daily from 12pm - 11pm

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