Dec 1, 2013

21st Birthday @ Qian Xi Restuarant.

*Forgotten to hit the 'publish' button so I'm publishing all 3 posts in one go

This year marks an important year to me as I'm legally an adult.
If you know or familiarize with Singapore's culture/ 'custom', you may have guessed it.
I'm 21 this year, and according to Singapore Law, 21 is the legal age.
I know that in America, the legal age is 18 but for Singapore - 18 is just a legal age to buy wine, beer or club/pub (I know some is *ahem ahem).

While, anywhere, coming back to the main topic, my family and I celebrated my birthday in quite a typical Chinese Restaurant located in the Heartland of Paya Lebar.
I'm not sure if anyone know or knew that there's actually a Chinese restaurant 'hidden' inside Tanjong Katong Complex.
When my parents told me it's located at Tanjong Katong Complex, I'm like, 'Are you kidding me, I thought the Plaza is a Malay version of City Plaza (as City Plaza store owners are majority Chinese)?!'

I went along since I've not celebrated my birthday since I was 16, that's the year where I'm preparing for my N Level, I took 5 years to complete my secondary studies instead of the usual 4 years.
During the month of September is also known as the month of Prelims and I'm busy with studies and didn't really celebrate my birthday, just a usual blow-the-cake and cut-the-cake birthday 'ceremony'.

I almost got lost within the mall as there isn't any escalator reaching to the top floor where the restaurant is located at the 4th floor. I searched and walked one whole big round of every floor, excluding the ground floor, and finally found the stairs which only leads to the restaurant without any other stores located on level 4.

When I got to the entrance, it's a coincidence that there's a wedding and the guests are looking at us.
I think they might be thinking why are WE wearing so causally. I just gave them the 'glare' which means 'Hello, I'm here to attend the wedding so it's none of YOUR business to STARE at my family like that'.

Let's just ignore that family. We chose the Chinese Buffet instead of Ala Carte, as there's an offer over at Groupon and my 1st Aunt bought it just for this occasion. The coupon costs about $30plus per person, including GST and service charge but the usual price should be about almost hitting the $40 mark including GST and service charge.

This was served right after you sat down and it's limited serving.
(I was thinking probably they wanna stop us from ordering the rest, kept asking us if we wanna top-up or not)
What I'd suggest is that say 'NO' once you sat down or else you'll encounter the same issue as me.
Let's ignore that unhappy part and get on with the mouth-watering buffet

Dim-Sum - Out of all, I only like the Crabstick roll with seaweed.
My favourite siew mai is a disappointment.
Steamed Teochew Dumpling 水晶包, Steamed Pork Ribs 蒸排骨

Herbal Roasted Duck - the duck was super tender but sadly there isn't any herbal taste.

Crispy Roasted Duck - it's super crispy on the top and the meat is tender as well(:

Pu Tien Pork Intestine - heard this dish is the No. 1 dish

XO Sauce with Scallop and Asparagus

Kang Kong - my favourite(x

Steamed Sea Bass with Bean Crumb

Deep Fried Grouper with Bean Crumb
I prefer Grouper as it's my favourite fish(x

Poached Prawn

Fried Prawn with Cereal - the prawn is nice but sadly the cereal taste is not entirely absorbed by the prawn.

Teochew Shrimp Sausage and Crispy Sotong Paste with Prawn & Salted Egg Yolk.

Hainanese Mixed Vege

Pu Tien Xing Hua Bee Hoon - the bee hoon was a little watery, not very dry as some may fried the bee hoon till the juice was all dried up.

Thai Style Mango Salad - super yummy and appetizing

Hainanese Pork Chop with Sauce

Mee Goreng with Seafood - BEST of all the dishes I had for the day.
The sauce was splendid with a little mixture of sourness and spiciness, also not going too overboard with the taste. Definitely recommend to try this.

Next is the 四大天王 and we only ordered 3 of those and here they are:

Braised Abalone

Doubled Boiled Superior Shark Fin with Dried Scallop

Doubled Boiled Bird Nest with Rock Sugar - the rock sugar was too sweet for me.
I ordered the bird nest without knowing that it comes together with rock sugar or else, definitely, I won't order.

Overall, I can only say the dishes are quite ok, not much 'WOW' factor, beside the mee goreng.

Also, I've managed to come across the menu while googling.

Qian Xi (Paya Lebar) Restaurant
Tanjong Katong Complex,
845 Geylang Road Level 4 #04-09
Tel: 6745 8822

Finally, after the satisfying dinner, everyone is prepared to head back home and suddenly my 1st Aunt took out a cake from the waitress hands and placed it in front of me (I was seated down as I'm chatting with my sisters).

This is seriously the FIRST EVER Birthday SURPRISE in my entire life.
Introducing my maternal family

My Family.

September 'babies'

I wanna thank everyone who managed to come for my birthday dinner.
Of course, thank you 1st Aunt for the surprizing impromptu chocolate cake.
My parents for their time and teaching ways to be who I am for 21 years.
My cousins for the laughter, encouragement, study-mates.

*Extra: I went over the second on 3Nov in celebrating my grandmother's birthday.
And these are the additional ones with some similar ones xP

Char Siew Bun was nice and fluffy but the char siew was a little dry, probably the chef has steamed for quite some times.

Braised Home-made Bean Curd (left) Fried Mario Vegetables with Anchovies (right)

Thai Style Prawn Cake - too oily to me.

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