Dec 1, 2013

Food Review in Bukit Timah Food Centre

By now, I'm already at Taiwan enjoying my 8-days holiday with family.
I have prepared a series on food reviews which I had tried out since August and in this first part I'm gonna give my honest reviews on some of the food stalls I've tried in at Bukit Timah Food Centre.

Here are the food I've had tried:

I've ordered the set, $3.50, and I like the rice very much. But it's a little disappointing that the meat was quite little but I seriously cannot forget the soup.
It's filled with herbal and the one can tell that the soup was tradition as I heard from my parents that only traditional style will add in the herbal to give the soup that extra 'kick' taste.

Sorry to 'chop' off the stall name, serious speaking, I've forgotten the name but I can assure you that the stall is directly opposite a carrot cake stall and beside the carrot cake was a fish soup and western(if not mistaken)
I love this kind of porridge as the rice was not too think nor too overcook and I can say that the uncle put in lots of effort in controlling the fire while cooking the porridge as the meat was tender with a chewy and springy feel.

Bukit Timah Food Centre
116 Upper Bukit Timah Road

For the next stall it's actually located at Sunset Way as I happen to patronize the area just to kill time xP

I won't really recommend this minced pork noodle. Whenever I ordered minced pork, my first target was the mushroom and for this, I'm speechless.
*Forgotten to hit the 'publish' button so I'm publishing all 3 posts in one go

All I can say it the overall, including the soup and the minced pork, was too disappointing.

I heard from my mum the best selling stall was actually the Western, that's handled by an uncle, the fish soup, that's right next to the toilet, and the dim-sum stall, which we always head over for breakfast.
Blk 107, Clementi St 12 (Sunset Way)

From what I know, the dim-sum stall has another stall located at Blk 69 Bedok South Ave 3 which is it's HQ. I managed to find it's stall name from Dr Leslie Tay food blog. The stall is called Lai Kee Pau.

Till my next posts, see ya

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