Dec 31, 2013

Downtown Line (DTL)

Yesterday I went to experience the newly opened Downtown Line with my mum since we're going over to guan ying temple.

If you're clueless about the new Downtown Line, the first (section) route are:


First, we started walking over to Tan Quee Lan Street which is one of the exit for Bugis Station.
There's a total of 4 exits, one is inside the usual Bugis MRT Station which is easily spotted. Once you got out from the initial Green Line exit, you turn right and the entrance is right in front of you.
I didn't went to explore the other 2 exits as my mum was too excited to try out the new line.

It took us about 20mins to travel from Bugis to Chinatown.
What really gave me the 'WOW' factor is the newly designed Reserved Seats.


I personally think these are such stunning designs as the designers use loud and striking colours to grab commuters attention, subsequently, it helps to remind everyone to give up these seats to the elderly, the injured, pregnant lady and those with young children.

You can vote for the most 'catch-commuters-attention' (this is my version, not the LTA's) contest and the winning design will be appeared in all trains and enforce this message across.
You can check out LTA's FB link.

Another special highlight that caught my eyes were the newly designed waiting lane.

Credit: Channelnewsasia

I happened to spot the waiting lane at Bayfront station, I'm not sure if the other 4 stations were implemented but these lanes were not implemented in Chinatown Station. Maybe all exits were placed but the exit I alighted doesn't have such waiting lane.

LTA has definitely squeezed out all of their brain juice and they really want their commuters to enjoy and have a safe ride. I think they have kept their promise this time round.
The layout of the waiting lane was that commuters are to queue on the right side of the gate while commuters can alight on the left side of the gate. (imagine that you're standing in front of the gate, waiting for the train)

On the negative side, if some commuters think that "since the right were used for alighting, then there may be a small 'gap' for me to enter while commuters alight" and they will start to 'squeeze in'.
In turn, chaos broke out and 'human traffic congestion' spark off.
I think such situation won't happened right as everyone knows that 'Please allow passengers to alight first before boarding the train' sentence.
But this is just my own 'day-dream' imagination but this may add in to 'what-if' scenarios. (provided LTA's personnel does happen to read my blog)

Overall, I only have one expression for LTA personnel

I do look forward to the opening of the remaining stations and I hope there will be more excitements waiting to be unleash.

Another thing I wanna comment is the passage link between DTL and NEL (North-East Line) for Chinatown interchange. The layout and walkway design is somewhat similar to Shanghai's 南京西路 station, if I remembered correctly.
DTL was built above NEL, thus you will need to make a simple U-turn, and walk down the stairs (or was there escalator ?!!) to reach NEL in less than 3mins.
If you happen to make a wrong route, instead of making a detour, the 'Walk Out' sign is just right in front you when you enter NEL from DTL.

I really appreciate every effort made by the LTA's planners, designers and manufacturers for coming out with DTL, Stage 1. The entire layout is beyond words but what can one imagine that a power failure broke out a day after the grand opening.


  1. did you board and alight from the downtown line? it's free for a certain period!!! :)

    1. yup, I did.
      you should check out DTL especially Telok Ayer Station as it's closet to a few popular streets like Amoy Street(:


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