Jun 13, 2012

Getting Ready For Summer!!

Who isnt egg-citied about being able to go to the beach to have swim,
bulid sandcastle or have a mini pinic with either your friends or family.

I know that everyone must be geared up and prepared for this period.
If you're not that sunny-type of girl,
no worries, today, im gonna share with you the best Summer Wear
i mean, the best Clothing which fits/suits this summer occasions.

A lot of famous blogshop have been working very hard to search for the best cutting, material and colors for this summer season.
Here are my findings(;

*Note: today's post will be more on tops and accessories
shall do another post on bottoms(;

  • The HanldeBar

  • The reason why i chose this blogshop is because i was attracted to their very new collection: Little Voice
    which features a lot of print tops to satisfy the current print demand.

    Comes in 3 colors: Blue, Orange, Mint

    It comes in 3 delicious colors: Cream, Toffee, Brown Knit

    What i like about both of this piece is that:
    1. I love chiffon top as it's light-weight and cooling while walking on the streets
    2. Crop tops of a favourite piece in the current market, not to say that is light-weight too but the foral design is definitely as sweet as honey(;

    There are having GSS promotion just for their mailing listees!
    If you haven join, why not join NOW to get the special 10% off for all dresses and rompers
    *Note: available till 19June and not applicable fot sale items
    You can check out their website or FB Page

  • The Design Clost

  • TDC is not a stranger to all of you but definitely it's a bit of magical to me(:
    With their latest collection: Collection83
    You will defintiely be spoilt with magnificent tops of various designs

    Comes in Dark Wash and Light Wash.

    Comes in 4 colors: Navy/Pink, Electric Blue/Yellow, Magenta/Black, Orange/White

    Comes in 4colors: Navy Blue, White, Black, Light Grey

    From Collection 81

    Comes in 4 colors: Purple/Pink, White/Light Purple, Turquoise/Navy Blue, Ligth Brown/Cream

    Comes in 3colors: Navy Blue, White, Black

    TDC never fails to bring in unqiue designs for their value customers
    and also put in 200% effort in creating sophiscated design to satisfy and enlighten every customer's simle(:

    Visit their website or FB Page
    to get inspiration for your summer wear(;

  • PolkaDotPigs

  • Comes in White and Orange

    Comes in Navy and Red

    Comes in Blue and Black

    Comes in Pink, Blue, Black, Red

    What i like about PolkaDotPigs' top is that im a fan of pastel colors and their tops always comes in different range of colors to choose
    Moreover, there's also a lot of wonderful design to choose from.
    You may think that it's the same for other blogshops,
    but what i think is that they will try to look for those clothings which are not sold/seen in local blogshops
    So that their value customers wont get the 'hey, i wore the same top as her' kind of mind when walking around.

    Right now, they are having GSS Promotion where you can get up to $30rebate when you purchase from them.
    Click here to know more information(;

    You can also check out their website or their FB Page!

  • Earl Grey Party

  • I guess out of all the blogshop i've mentioned in this post,
    EGP 'WOW' -ed me.
    Not because i have any preferences with the rest of the blogshop
    but because of the different types of clothing they brought in.
    Its definitely the most exclusive design out of all the local blogshop.
    Here's some of the proof:

    Comes in Dark Denim and Light Denim

    Comes in Crimson, Mustard, Emerald.

    Comes in White, Black

    Isnt all the above tops very pretty and unqiue ??!!
    Also Ombré Slouch Top in Emerald and Crimson are the current big HIT.
    Its on PreOrder status already
    Hurry, grab your piece before it's changed to PreOrder(;

    You can also check out their Website or FB Page for more other EGGG-clusive clothing designs♥

  • Apricot Accessories

  • Apricot is a species of Prunus, classified with the plum in the subgenus Prunus.
    Coming up with such a fruity name is definitely attractive and cute, to me♥♥
    Apricot sells a whole rande of accessories from hair clips to shoes.
    Today, i'll be talking more on the accessories rather than shoes.

    What i likde about this shop is actually the eggg-clusive design of accessories they brought in.
    For example, in there latest colleciton Summer Almost-Gone:

    Feather Earcuff - comes in black and pink.

    This type of earring design in definitely one in a million.
    I have never seen such 'idealistic' pattern of earrings.
    The moment i saw this earring, it gives me a kind of elegant feel like you're some royal personnel showcasing the latest design from this particular designer.

    You're a Star(fish) Hairclip

    If you're a fan of Little Mermaid, then this hairclip is definitely a MUST have in your hair accessories collection.
    It really gives me a feel of being a little mermaid,
    dancing and playing with the marine life animals.
    It will be great if this 'dream' do come true.

    Arora Sea Earrings

    Victoria Flora Ruby Bracelet, Oceania Treasures Earrings, Lucia Multi-ball Ring

    Elleni Clover Necklace

    Mademoiselle Heart-shot Cream Necklace

    The above accessories are some which i would match for this summer season.
    Flowery and pure white - my theme for the above 4pictures♥♥
    Most of the accessories they sell are instocks.
    So, grab it to accessorize yourself this summer to 'WOW' your friends when you're heading to the beach♥

    Check out their website or FB Page to get the latest insights

    That's all i have for TOPS and ACCESSORIES.
    Stay tune for my next post on BOTTOMS(;


    *Credits to above mentioned blogshops

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